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Apologies, Junior Detectives, but Inksburg is going to have to go on a very short hiatus! I’m moving states this next week so I’ll need a bit of time away to get settled in and get the next page ready. I hope you understand! Expect updates to resume starting week after next, and continuing on to the end of this story (which is very close)! Then there will be a short pause before the beginning of the next story, which will be a tale of intrigue about a missing person’s case that isn’t quite what it seems! Now that sounds fun, doesn’t it?

P.S.: I’ve got a Patreon that you can donate a few bucks to in order to receive all kinds of cool behind-the-scenes Inksburg content, including page sketches, character models, tidbits and whatnots of all sorts, whatever your hearts desire probably! It’s over at for anyone interested. Thanks for reading!

– Jeff

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  1. That bit at the end about “Junior Detectives” reminds my of that comic that used to be in the newspaper. Shylock Fox? I loved that. I love this!

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